Fantasy Farmhouse-original painting

$795.00 USD


Product Description

This original acrylic painting is done on a 24" x 36" canvas.This painting is inspired by the Great Smokey Mountains, spun with a hint of Van Gogh and the other expressionists. I have always loved the bigger brush strokes and vibrant colors of these artists, and have combined them in a way to make them mine. This is a really fun painting, almost whimsical and playful in nature. The colors are great, lots of purples, blues and reds, it really jumps out at you. The frame is a lavender color, a medium shade to match the colors in the sky. You will love it, with the frame is measures approximately 26" x 38". It will be shipped well wrapped to preserve it, and arrive ready to hang. So pick your spot on the wall and let me get it to you right away! It won't last long!

Fantasy Farmhouse-original painting

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